Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Updated meeting notice: 7/18/07

We are very excited to announce that Hope for Horses has agreed to host the STUN group at their facility in Maltby/Woodinville! We can meet some of the rescued horses, roam the fields, and picnic by the pond.

IMPORTANT! I told them our usual group size and that's what they're expecting. If you haven't joined us before and plan to attend tomorrow, please send an e-mail to the secretary.

When: Wednesday, July 18, from 4 to 7 p.m.


  • From Highway 522, take the Fales Rd./Echo Lake Road exit
  • Head south on Echo Lake Road
  • Just past the Williams Compressor plant, turn right onto 131st Ave. SE
  • At the junction with S. Echo Lake Road, veer right to stay on 131st Ave. SE
  • Take a right onto 238th St. SE
  • HFH is at the end of the road on your left

MapQuest map

Try not to block the turnaround. It's okay to park on the grass if your vehicle has the clearance to get over the lump. If you need assistance, holler!

If you arrive late and don't see us, we're probably over by the pond. Walk across the lawn to the left of the barn (around the corral) to the big pasture, and then you'll see us. Or at least hear us.

What to bring: snacks, carrots or apples for the horses (but ask before feeding any animal), a blanket to lounge on (but be aware that it will get dirty)

Note: Just so there's no confusion or disappointment, we will not be doing any riding. But you can certainly do some bonding!

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MJ said...

The barn is really easy to recognize. There os usually a trailer and a small tractor in the driveway and there will be large beige tents outside with three horses inside. Not hard to find at all.

It's going to be super amazing.